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Spring Cleaning Gone Wild

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Although the groundhog saw his shadow, so spring is coming late, seasonal chores are just around the corner. Cleaning is at the top of the list, especially after being cooped up, out of the cold for the last few months.

Spring cleaning is not just about scouring the obvious. Instead, it is getting in the down-and-dirty parts of the house, often forgotten during even the most thorough annual disinfection.   

Guide offers some helpful cleaning hacks and tips for every room of the house, plus important but often-overlooked annual must-dos. So, throw a few pairs of gloves in the shopping cart, roll up those sleeves and get ready to put in a little bit of elbow grease.  

Lufka Refillables Zero Waste Store, Credit: Jensen Taylor

Make a (green) plan

After planning which parts of the house to tackle first, gather needed supplies. It might be a good idea to buy a new set of supplies to avoid cleaning with dirty tools.

Keep it green, purchasing spring cleaning products safe for every member of the family and the environment too. Winter weather has already dried out skin by the time spring rolls around. Make sure to buy some protective gloves too, if using harsher chemicals.  

Sanitize and refresh 

Rather than simply scouring the sink with Comet, disconnect it and remove the aerator to clean out mold in hidden areas. After vacuuming under the bed, vacuum the mattress to pull out dirt and dust.  

These deep-down sterilization tips are just a couple of many ways to step up the spring-cleaning game.  


Each room has hidden spots often forgotten, beginning with the bathroom.   

While wiping down the shower, throw the curtain and bathmat in the washer to remove the grime. Bathroom fan vents soak up all that humidity from hot showers — so take them down and soak in soap and water to remove mildew and dust.

Another seldom-cleaned fixture: Take off the showerhead and soak in distilled white vinegar and baking soda to remove soap scum. Leave it sit overnight, then scrub with a toothbrush to assure all the mold is removed. Run it under hot water before replacing.  


Moving into the kitchen, go a few steps beyond just cleaning out the refrigerator. Disconnect and clean freezer coils and appliance gaskets that hold dirt and grime. Buildup inevitably affects appliance efficiency.   

Speaking of appliance performance, take the toaster apart and clean out crumbs and debris. Just because the crockpot or fryer has not been used in a while does not mean they are spotless. Use a combination of table salt, baking powder, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar to remove cooked-on grime and restore shine on pots and pans.   

Whew, time to finish the kitchen off with an easy task — going through the pantry to remove expired food.  


Believe it or not, the bedroom has many hidden dirt traps. One of these is, unfortunately, pillows. They should be replaced annually due to invisible dust mites and mold spores in the headrest.  

Mold also likes to hide in humidifiers, which should be taken apart and washed. Throw bedroom curtains in the washing machine, open up the windows and air out the master suite.  

Do not forget to wipe down trash cans, steam clean mattresses and invest in a protective cover to keep out dust mites.  

Living rooms  

Usually among the most lived-in rooms of the house, living rooms can be loaded with dirt. Buildup gathers in the heating and air conditioning vents. It is a good idea to clean wall coverings, wash couch covers and cushions — chores often neglected in everyday routines.

Though the vacuum is used to tidy the living room, cleaning the tool itself is essential for efficiency and energy-saving purposes.  

Finishing touches  

Now, the down and dirty cleaning is done. It is time to focus on the more apparent parts of the spring cleaning. Wipe down walls, blinds and window screens and wash curtains and trash cans.

Even computers need annual purification. Take some time to unsubscribe from unnecessary emails, clean the computer’s vacuum vents and fans and ensure the annual cyber security bill is in check.  

Lastly, if the budget allows, invest in a couple of new couch pillows and bright spring color bedroom sheets to add some pop to the house’s fresh scent. Spring is the perfect time to repurpose furniture, especially if money is tight. 

It is amazing how much is possible with a little material and a lot of creativity. After all the hard work, sit back, relax and enjoy the spring sunshine coming in through clean windows.  

Lufka Refillables Zero Waste Store, Credit: Jensen Taylor

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By Angela Underwood

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