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Why Greater Tampa Bay? – David Green

Why Greater Tampa Bay? – David Green

David Green

David Green is the executive director for Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation, providing overall general management and leadership for the agency. David Green is at the helm of TBARTA’s focus on reducing traffic congestion and developing a transit network that provides frequent and reliable mobility throughout the entire region.

We asked David Green…Why Greater Tampa Bay?

I came to Tampa Bay for the incredible opportunity at TBARTA. I spent 20 years with a transit agency in Virginia and was seeking new challenges and professional growth. I always wanted to move to Florida someday, and there seemed to be a lot of potential in the Tampa Bay transit market.

In addition to expanding my professional network, being in Tampa Bay has taught me much flexibility. Federal requirements are the same everywhere, but other transportation-related policies and procedures can vary greatly by state, county, city and agency. Having to understand and adapt to those nuances was something I learned very quickly when I moved to the area.

It’s been a great fit for me both professionally and personally. Some of the reasons I’ve enjoyed calling Greater Tampa Bay home are the diversity of our many communities, the number of activities available on any given day and the amazing weather. Our sports teams are the greatest…and the palm trees never get old.

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