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Party Like It’s 1776

Party Like It’s 1776

On July 4th, American’s celebrate our nation’s independence by taking the day off from work to eat barbecue, have fun in the sun and watch fireworks. The weather is usually blistering hot in North Central Florida and we tend to gravitate towards any body of water we can find to cool off.

As a kid, I remember the yummy treats we ate, the smell of the freshly cut grass, the mosquitos trying to penetrate through the bug spray we applied just before sundown and the sparklers that every kid held in their hand until the last second before burning their fingers. Food was definitely a focal point of the holiday with all the moms trying to outdo each other with their creative red, white and blue themed desserts or the guys hovering over the grill, sampling smoked meats while holding a cold beverage.

Holiday barbecues are tons of fun and the food is exploding with flavor, no pun intended. Here are a few mouthwatering recipes to try for your next summer grill out with friends and family.

Burgers tend to be the fan favorite at a barbecue because of their simplicity and versatility. You just can’t go wrong with the classic burger. They are so good that even a vegetarian craves them every now and again. Burgers are a food you can put on a menu that is guaranteed to satisfy most, if not all, of your guests, including kids. This burger recipe is beastly, yet sexy. It literally will explode in your mouth as the egg yolk pops and soaks into the bread. It is sweet, salty, smoky and has a bit of a kick at the end – that is if you can fit it all in your mouth. Don’t be scared of this swamp burger, it won’t bite.

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Once the sun goes down and you have eaten the last bite of dessert and topped off your last drink, the night show begins! Why is it that we can’t help but put our arm around someone we love when the fireworks light up the sky? It’s a special moment that we naturally want to share with people we care about. You start to reflect back on the all-day grazing and drinking you did, about how you are going to burn the calories off at the gym over the next week and how incredibly lucky we are to live in such an amazing country where we are allowed to breathe and taste freedom each and every single day.

Written by Chef Christy- Publisher of Eat Local Together

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