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Fitness Tips for Trips

Fitness Tips for Trips

By Ryan Walsh

In spring, it is all about achieving that summer beach bod. But once the season turns, and the luxuries and indulgences of the vacation hit, all that hard work may seem fleeting. Besides, in the Greater Tampa Bay (GTB) area, every season can feel like summer. Fear not – with a few easy routine changes and a determined mindset, maintaining the well-earned results of that fitness regimen is possible.

Workouts on the go

If only the equipment at the gym were portable. However, many simple and effective workouts can be done anywhere, utilizing just the body. Planks, sit-ups, jumping jacks and leg lifts work the abdominals whether on the gym mat, in the hotel room or on the beach. Tricep dips, pushups and burpees can work the arm and chest muscle groups.

From mountains to tropics, motels to RVs, location does not have to hinder the workout.

An alternative option to public transport

If the goal is to keep fit during travels, then opting to walk to sites delivers results and some fresh air. Besides, when visiting somewhere new, why not take in the small curiosities that can only be discovered on leisurely walks?

If visiting somewhere abounding with nature, with beautiful hiking trails or stretches of pristine beach, a walk or jog through the exciting and unfamiliar terrain can be an exhilarating experience on its own.

Save the car ride for the morning commute – adventures on foot await. Just bring the right shoes.

Mindful eating

Somewhere new? Do not skip the local cuisine. Whether it be the next town over or the next hemisphere, unique delicacies are available to be tried and enjoyed. Deprive not – small changes can help keep your nutrition goals on track. Start the day with one nutritious meal, for example, or make sure each meal is balanced with vegetables and protein. With small tweaks, there should be no guilt in indulging in the delicious and experiencing the taste of somewhere new.

Sleep on it

It can be tempting to rise early and go to sleep late while on vacation – there are many sights and activities to be enjoyed. However, healthy amounts of sleep are vital for rebuilding muscle and maintaining health and fitness. Besides, it is a vacation – a little sleeping in is to be expected. Avoiding phones or tablets before bed increases sleep quality, as does keeping a consistent sleep schedule.

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There is plenty of vacation to be enjoyed – a few extra winks will not hurt.

Old reliable

Most simple, most effective. Stay hydrated. Fitness aside, drinking the right amount of water during GTB’s summer months is crucial. So, wherever the travels may lead, keep that water bottle handy.

While helpful in staving off unnecessary cravings, water also keeps muscles energized, which is necessary for an effective workout.  

A vacation should be about relaxation and enjoyment, but it does not have to exclude health and exercise. With the right mix of techniques, the summer vacation bod will live to see autumn.

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