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Sorry, I Was On Mute – Staying Connected as a Remote Employee

Sorry, I Was On Mute – Staying Connected as a Remote Employee

Water cooler talk has gone virtual. The Zoom (or Teams, or Slack) meeting has, for many, been replaced as the hub of conversation and collaboration in the modern workplace.

Logistically, this has been opportune. These high-tech conveniences and advances allowed for continued productivity during the concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote work allows for limitless possibilities. Teams are now comprised of people from across the country, and sometimes even the globe. Formerly siloed workplaces have far expanded their reach, creating a truly diverse blend of ideas and perspectives.

But sometimes the lack of in-person interaction makes it difficult to connect to coworkers, both personally and professionally. Conversation and camaraderie must be much more deliberate, and feelings of isolation can emerge.

Staying connected and engaged is not always easy, and everyone has their own methods of doing so. A few tips from the Guide staff demonstrate this.

  • Hannah Schoff, MarComm Coordinator – Gainesville, FL
    • “Having discussions that go beyond work. Getting to hear what everyone did over the weekends and catch up with one another really helps me feel connected to everyone.”
  • Meredith Biesinger, Word Wizard – Tupelo, MS
    • Stay engaged weekly and take the time to ask how colleagues are doing, what they did over the weekend, their family or interests.”
  • Elisha Young, Digital Editor – New Richland, MN
    • “Part of being connected remotely means being connected outside of our work roles, too. We sent pictures of our pets, a funny meme or a life event that was exciting.”
  • Jensen Taylor, Creative Coordinator – Tampa, FL
    • “I appreciate the fact that part of my job involves photographing my community. I love attending local meetings, networking events and fundraisers to stay connected with my city. I learn a lot that carries over to my remote work.”
  • Christy Robinson-Costello, Co-CEO and Founder – Gainesville, FL
    • “Team meetings help a lot. I like to check in with employees every now and again just to see how they are doing. It allows them to know that you are still thinking about them even though we may not speak very often.”

Simply sending a quick personal message to a colleague can go a long way. Ask about something not related to work. Celebrate each other’s milestones. Check in with a quick phone or video call. Take a break together to play Scrabble online. Schedule time to collaborate on a project together in real-time. Or set up a virtual “lunch date.”

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Across all levels and across the country, keeping engaged despite the distance requires effort. With everyone’s contribution, however, an active and dynamic workforce is still more than achievable.

By Ryan Walsh.

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