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Super Food Feeds Super Fans

Super Food Feeds Super Fans

Satisfy Super Bowl cravings with these unique takes on watch-party classics

It is estimated there are 122 million TVs in homes in the United States. Roughly 99 million of them tuned in last year to watch the back-and-forth game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, according to Sports Media Watch.

In addition to the football fanatics, every watch party has guests who are there for the commercials, the half-time show and, most importantly, the food. For hosts determined to integrate their football-aversed friends, these must-make foods will make fans of us all.

Put A Wing on It

What is more American than football, chicken wings and peanut butter and jelly? PB&J wings are the ideal mix of nostalgia and originality.

Marinating the chicken wings in a peanut butter barbeque sauce, like this one from the New York Times, keeps the meat tender and full of flavor. To really bwing it on, a strawberry jalapeno jam cuts through the heaviness of the peanut butter sauce with both the sweet and spice.

This combination is energetic, different and classic. It will taste better than a touchdown feels.

Pop Off

Die-hard fans know every play, player and team is one of a kind. For those who cannot tell the difference between a Falcon, a Raven and a Seahawk, every game looks the same. As do the snacks.

Call an audible. Make jalapeno poppers with goat cheese instead of cream cheese. The goat (not the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady) is tangy and tart to balance the crisp, freshness of the pepper.

For an extra kick, add Italian sausage. The smoky, rich sausage builds on the natural spice of the jalapeno and the earthiness of the cheese. Honor the pigskin and wrap them in bacon. These jalapeno poppers will be as captivating as the game.

Buffalo Bill-ion Dollar Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip has graced tailgate spreads and sports bars like for decades. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. With buffalo chicken dip as the end, it is time to modify the means.

Scoop this super bowl with pickled potatoes. The sharp vinegar, the crispy taters and the red-hot buffalo dip will make each bite the perfect hat trick (wrong football?).

Pro fans also know that nothing goes better with buffalo chicken than veggie sticks, but smashed carrots are 2 legit 2 quit. Fresh carrots from the Tampa Bay Farmers Market are perfect to make rooty bonbons sturdy enough for the beloved dip.

Champions Choose Christy’s Chili

Nothing soothes the cold sting of February or defeat like a bowl of chili. When everyone and their mother has a chili recipe, it can be tough to find one that is a winner.

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That is where Chef Christy comes in with a Hail Mary. Use the lunar tide oatmeal stout from Common Dialect for that depth from its oatmeal coffee flavor. The overall taste is rich, earthy and bold. It will be the MVP of any party.

For a real game changer, serve it with a jalapeno mint relish. Guests will stop wanting the score and start wanting to get more. The refreshing topping is colorful and crunchy, and it brings balance to the whole bowl.

(Not the Dallas) Cowboy Caviar

This pico-like chopped salad has so many veggies in it, it should be called everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-salsa. This Tex-Mex salad might seem like an underdog, but then again, so did the Jaguars.

With its social media-oric rise, cowboy caviar has earned its spot on Super Bowl menus. It is simple, straightforward, light and fresh. This fashionable chip dip is versatile and easy. Unlike the great game of football, there are no rules here.

While Greater Tampa Bay is no stranger to football festivities –– Go Bucs! –– the Super Bowl is a whole other league. Make Super Bowl LVII one to remember with great friends, great food and of course, a great game. Even the super bored will become super fans.

By Harper Warner.

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