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Preparing Powerful Women for the Future

Preparing Powerful Women for the Future

Ferrell Girls Preparatory programs teaching success through support 

Gone are the days of girls not being leaders or just standing on the sidelines, because Ferrell Girls Preparatory Academy Middle School equips its students to succeed in life and be positive forces throughout the world.  

The all-girls school is a college focused academy in the Hillsborough County School District. It serves female students in sixth through eighth grades.  

“Students are excited to be here and excited to learn,” said Principal Carrie Diehl-Stone.  

Ferrell originally started as a traditional co-ed school, and became an all girls public magnet school 13 years ago. It is dedicated to developing confident, dynamic and educated young women through innovative teaching methods, technology and relationships.  

“We try to build relationships and a foundation for students at the beginning of the year,” said Diehl-Stone. “It is a combination of academics and building good social and emotional skills and support for the future. It is all about supporting each other.” 

In regards to technology, the school has a one-to-one ratio for students and equipment. Each student is issued a second generation iPad to use in every class. The classrooms are stocked with the latest technology that teachers integrate, as well as other interactive strategies, into the curriculum.  

“This is truly the most wonderful school I have been to,” said Diehl-Stone.  

Cambridge International Academy 

Another of Ferrell’s unique educational opportunities is its Cambridge International program. Students engage in learning that has a strong emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, interpretation, writing and collaboration.  

This learning philosophy is offered in the core curriculum of English/language arts, mathematics, science and world history as well as elective courses. There are also Scholar Prep high school credit courses offered in physical science, art, team sports, Spanish 1 and 2 and law studies, and an accelerated math academy.  

Diehl-Stone said Ferrell students will be better prepared for Cambridge classes in high school and the diploma track.  

Strength, Confidence, Empowerment 

As part of their education, each student learns how to be a strong, confident girl who empowers others. Part of that is done through the school creed that they recite every day. 

We are strong, confident young women.  

We believe that we can achieve anything because we are dedicated, committed, and focused.  

We are exceptional- not because we say it, but because we live it.  

We each have a voice that empowers, and we choose to use it to uplift ourselves and others.  

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We believe in nurturing our minds, bodies, and school spirit.  

We will not fail in the face of adversity.  

We are resilient.  

We are One.  

We are the Girls Preparatory Academy.

For more information on Ferrell Girls Preparatory Academy and how to attend, go to:

By Celia Goodyear.

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