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Crumbl Cookie’s Boss Mom: Kylie Steed

Crumbl Cookie’s Boss Mom: Kylie Steed

It Ain’t Always Milk and Cookies

Franchise bakery owners Kylie Steed and her husband, Garret, are responsible for bringing those popular iconic pink boxes and their confectionary contents to the Greater Tampa Bay area.

The couple opened cookie sensation Crumbl Cookie stores in Clearwater in October of 2021, followed by locations in Westchase and Trinity. Three more stores are planned for the next year: Carrollwood in May, Lakeland mid-summer and St. Pete next year.

While the Utah State University graduates’ business grew, so did their family. The couple have three girls ages two, four and six and their fourth child due in June.

Boss Mom Benefits

As a working mom, Steed balances a busy life of caring for their children while running a growing business. She enjoys focusing on the people and processes their franchise has in place.

With nearly 150 employees, she strives to create an atmosphere where people want to work. The Salt Lake City native works closely with store managers to ensure they are providing the best experience for their customers.

Sometimes this means taking her children with her to the store while she conducts training or interviews. Steed tries to involve her children in her daily work whenever possible. As a result, her six-year-old is already starting to develop her own entrepreneurial spirit.

Working Mom Advice  

She encourages fellow working moms to remember that even when responsibilities seem overwhelming, they are still the best moms for their kids. She also feels it does not look the same for everybody and not to compare themselves to others.

“Being a mom is the hardest and most fulfilling thing I have ever done, and I’ll ever do. Sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way because there are always things we can put in front of it,” Steed said, “My girls come first. Work is important but I’m their mom first. It’s all balance.”

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As she prioritizes her family, she has learned what choices she needs to make. Prior to opening their franchise, Steed loved being a stay-at-home mom. Today, she loves her new role and working side by side with her husband.

“Our children have been able to watch us problem solve and support each other to grow our family business,” she said. “I’m grateful they get to see that with hard work the possibilities are endless.”

Steed realizes that being a working mom at Crumbl Cookies also means having the best job perks to offer her children. A work errand always ends in dessert. Her daughters all highly recommend their mom’s Pink Doughnut cookies.

  • Crumbl is the fastest-growing cookie company in the nation with six-million social media followers. Customers can see their cookies being mixed, balled, baked and dressed in real-time.
  • High-quality ingredients are used in each unique batch. To ensure freshness, cookies are donated if they are not sold within two hours. In addition to in-store, the brand offers curbside, delivery and catering.
  • A savvy business model and exceptional product has kept business booming. A loyal GTB customer base returns each week to indulge in the latest eclectic flavors on the rotating gourmet cookie menu.

By Jennifer Kennedy.

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