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K-8 Schools

K-8 Schools

K-8 schools offer an educational model that addresses the developmental needs of their students. Focusing exclusively on the educational needs of elementary and middle school students allows faculty and staff to meet children where they are socially, academically and developmentally.  

The K-8 model provides a challenging curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment. K-8 schools consist of a building or campus for kindergarten through eighth-grade students. Much evidence and research support these models, stating that by eliminating an isolated middle school model, students are best supported in academics and social and emotional development skills at K-8 schools.  

A recent study in the American Education Research Journal discussed why K-8 schools, often referred to as “age-based learning,” is beneficial. Statistically, students who attend a K-8 school are more comfortable, feel safer and ultimately perform better academically than their counterparts at the traditional middle or six through 12 schools. 

Several of the K-8 schools in the area are also magnet schools. Magnet schools offer students opportunities to discover, explore and refine their talents and interests while focusing on excellence in academics. 

Greater Tampa Bay offers a variety of public and private K-8 school options, with each one being dedicated to student success through a variety of advanced and competitive curriculum ranging from STEAM-focused academics to community development.  

Roland Park K-8 Magnet School  

A K-8 school where teachers are specifically and highly trained in theme integration and innovative and rigorous academic instructional methods. 

Rampello Downtown K-8 Partnership Magnet School 

An A-rated K-8 magnet school that provides “excellence in education” in downtown Tampa. Rampello is also an AVID National Demonstration School. 

Pizzo K-8 School 

Pizzo K8 opened in the fall of 1998 and is located on the University of South Florida campus. The student population spans pre-kindergarten through eighth grade and includes several exceptional education programs. 

Sulphur Springs Community K-8 School  

Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School has served the community for more than 85 years. It is a community school with strong partnerships, including the YMCA and the Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise. Students who attend SSK8 have the opportunity to enroll in the site-based YMCA program, where after-school extracurricular activities and focused tutoring sessions are provided. 

Tinker K-8 School  

Located on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Tinker K-8 School is named for the distinguished General Clarence L. Tinker, the first American Indian in U.S. Army history to receive the rank of major general. The school opened under the U.S. Department of Defense and has been part of the Hillsborough County Public School District since 1952. Tinker expanded to include grades kindergarten through eighth grade in August 2015. 

Dr. Carter C. Woodson K-8 School  

Tampa’s Woodson Leadership Academy K-8 provides a rigorous and compelling educational experience for all students. It is dedicated to the development of the whole scholar with a focus on character, intellect, emotional stability, appropriate social interactions and physical well-being. The facility is divided into two campuses, with the lower campus serving students in pre-K through third grade and the upper campus from grades four to eight. 

Muller Elementary School K-8 Magnet School  

At Muller Elementary Magnet School, staff, students, parents and the community work together to develop skills and habits for personal and academic success. Muller prepares students for life through the arts, sciences and leadership. 

Turner Bartels K-8 School 

This K-8 school has a highly acclaimed Technology Student Association, which has earned numerous state and national awards. Ranked No. 1 in Florida for the 2018 and 2020 years and ranked No. 2 in 2019, Turner Bartels offers a competitive STEM-based curriculum.  

Corbett Preparatory School of IDS 

A private K-8 school in Tampa, Corbett Prep produces creative students and innovative thinkers. The curriculum promotes collaboration and leadership while also building confident students and providing a launchpad for infinite possibilities. 

Hillel Academy  

Hillel Academy is a community Jewish day school serving the Tampa Bay region. As a Cambridge school (Cambridge University’s Curriculum of Advanced Studies) committed to differentiated instruction, students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their potential while also developing their personal Jewish identity. 

Tampa Day School  

A private school serving grades three through eight, Tampa Day School’s mission statement is to understand each child’s strengths and weaknesses, honor their uniqueness and help them achieve academic, emotional and social success.  

See Also

Starkey Ranch K-8 School  

Starkey is a public school located in Pasco County that is dedicated to the innovation of learning. Starkey also offers three magnet programs: computer science, fine arts and world languages. 

Countryside Montessori Charter School 

Countryside Montessori is Pasco County’s only public charter Montessori school. The school was established in 2002, and currently serves students from first to eighth grade. Countryside ranked number one in Pasco County School District Middle Schools and number 48 in Florida Charter Middle Schools.  

Academy at the Farm 

Academy at the Farm is a charter school in Dade City. Currently, the school ranks in the top six percent of all schools in the state of Florida and ranked number 92 in middle school math proficiency. The charter school emphasizes developing character, personal and academic excellence, and technology advancements in the curriculum.  

James B. Sanderlin K-8 School  

James B. Sanderlin K-8 IB World School is an IB Magnet School of Choice located in South St. Petersburg. Its motto is being committed to teaching and learning with the brain and heart in mind. At the Magnet Schools of America conference in April 2022, Sanderlin IB received the President’s Award of Excellence for its commitment to diversity, innovation, academic excellence, leadership and parent and community engagement.  

Madeira Beach Fundamental K-8 School  

Located in Pinellas County and recognized as a Florida PBIS school for character, Madeira Beach’s school program is centered around the partnership between students, families, staff and the community. The school vision of 100% student success is demonstrated through “high academic standards in a safe, efficient and ‘fun’damental learning environment.” 

Academic Da Vinci Charter School for the Arts  

A K-8 charter school in Pinellas County, Academic Da Vinci is dedicated to developing students’ passion for learning, high achievement and caring for each other and the community by immersing them in an integrated arts, sciences and technology curriculum. In addition to language arts, math, science, social studies, health and physical education, every student participates in dance, chorus, musical instruments and visual arts. 

With various options for an excellent education in GTB, there is a school for every student to ensure a positive learning experience in the present and a bright future ahead.  

By Meredith Biesinger.

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