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Hawaiian Pizza Hot Pockets

With school starting around the corner, I always try to come up with different school lunch ideas for the new year to experiment with.  This past year I packed charcuterie boxes, flatbreads and sushi.

For this year I am taking pizza to the next level with a nod to my childhood. I don’t know about you but I cant say Hot Pockets without singing it like comedian Jim Gaffigan from one of his Netflix standup specials. Hot pockets, Totinos pizza and Bagel Bites were a thing when I was growing up. We ate them as a snack with friends or in the afternoon when we got home from school. I haven’t eaten one of these since college but I wanted to take a stab at making a homemade version for my kid’s lunches so they could experience a better version of what I had as a kid.  

This version has better quantity and quality of ingredients, and one of my son Cameron’s favorite toppings, pineapple. A hand-held pizza, what a great lunch option! The crust was crunchy with a garlic seasoning flavor on the outside and a melty gooey center stuffed with meaty toppings. The bonus about making it homemade vs the frozen version is that every bite has the same temperature center. No ice cold and piping hot spots. The smell coming from our oven was driving us all crazy when we baked it so we couldn’t wait to break into them.

Like the OG, we still burned the roof of our mouths when we bit into it although I will say, this time it was better than I remembered.

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Recipe provided by Chef Christy Robinson-Costello, Chef + Publisher of Eat.Local.Together.

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