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BayCare Health System Unveils State-Of-The-Art Hospital in Wesley Chapel  

BayCare Health System Unveils State-Of-The-Art Hospital in Wesley Chapel  


BayCare Health System Celebrates Grand Opening of New Hospital in Wesley Chapel 

By Deborah Holmen 

BayCare Health Systems has just introduced its newest hospital in Wesley Chapel. A vast facility spanning 318,000 square feet, with 86 beds, this top-tier healthcare provider is dedicated to meeting Wesley Chapel’s growing medical needs.  

One unmistakable feature of the recently unveiled campus is a breathtaking sculpture that embodies the hospital’s pinwheel logo. This art piece comprises five ribbons, each engraved with one of BayCare’s core values: Dignity, excellence, respect, responsibility and trust. When visiting and experiencing BayCare Health Systems‘ exceptional care, one can see a stunning visual representation of the hospital’s unwavering commitment to these values.  

“As a new addition to the community, it was very important for me that when the community comes onto our campus, they first see the values that we bring,” said Rebecca Schulkowski, president of BayCare Hospital Wesley Chapel. “We are incredibly excited to be expanding our services and bringing state-of-the-art medical resources to the residents of Pasco County.”  

At their new facility, BayCare’s comprehensive medical services and health care resources will include an emergency department, an intensive care unit with virtual-monitoring beds, as well as imaging, labs and surgical services. BayCare has invested $246 million to offer Pasco County residents this new choice for their healthcare needs and has hired hundreds of team members to serve the community.   

The community trusts that BayCare Wesley Chapelprovide dependable healthcare. Residents will benefit from the easy access to various healthcare services, both in-person and virtual. Behavioral health, home health services and physician offices are just some of the Baycare services already available to the local population. 

The BayCare hospital’s opening marks a significant step towards advancing health care in Pasco County, providing the community with a cutting-edge facility that is both dependable and convenient. Throughout its history, BayCare has demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of its patients, and this new hospital is no exception.  

“Our community is going to tell us the care they need,” said Schulkowski. “So, we will respond in kind to what our community tells us. We have what we call health hubs, with all the different types of services. We will eventually have physician offices, labs, imaging and urgent care all under one roof. Our medical arts building already has outpatient labs and outpatient imaging. The first floor there is dedicated to outpatient. So, one of the things we’re also very cognizant of is the cost of care, making it easier and cheaper for everyone.”   

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BayCare Hospital Wesley Chapel also features a 24/7 Emergency Department (ED), so patients can rest assured that they can find immediate help if a medical emergency arises. The onsite BayCare helicopter pad provides access from coordinating hospitals in the area and Level 1 trauma services to those in need.   

Key Numbers: 

  • 86 Inpatient Beds 
  • 20-Bed Emergency Department 
  • 4 Operating Rooms 
  • 2 Endoscopy Suites 
  • 1 Cardiac Catheterization Lab 
  • 1 Interventional Radiology Lab  

Schulkowski said BayCare’s vision put them in the right spot at the right time.  

“The population growth has exploded exponentially. Back in 2001, less than 10,000 people lived in Wesley Chapel. In 2021, it was approximately over 78,000 people living in Wesley Chapel. It’s a great place, you know, for young families and professionals because it’s outside of downtown Tampa. It’s got this kind of best-of-both-worlds. We purchased the land back in 2006 and it sat for years until we figured out what we needed to do and what would suit the community as it grows,” she said. 

BayCare has undoubtedly made another decisive step in providing exceptional patient-centric care, and its new Wesley Chapel Hospital is a superb addition to this growing area of Greater Tampa Bay. 

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