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Good Pets Need GoodVets 

The national veterinarian partner-led animal hospital platform GoodVets is redefining the pet healthcare experience in Greater Tampa Bay. Partnering with Dr. Andrea Caspary, their pet care centers have expanded to include a South Tampa practice that occupies 3,266 square feet, featuring five exam rooms (one of which is feline-only).  

Allowing for autonomy in each location ensures that each clinic is unique and tailored to not only the veterinarian leading the practice, but to the community as well. This also helps the veterinarian to practice their top standard of veterinary medicine –– without the headache of running a business.  

“It’s nice to have a business team to reach out to because I didn’t learn that in vet school and I didn’t learn the ins and outs of that, so having a team to support me is huge,” said Dr. Caspary. 

As a child, Dr. Caspary’s veterinary journey began with a science fair project for which she worked with a local vet comparing the bacteria in a dog’s mouth versus a cat’s mouth. Subsequently, she began volunteering at local veterinary offices and her love for the pet healthcare field blossomed. 

“I can’t imagine being anything else and it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to be.” said Dr. Caspary. 

Each GoodVets office has different services specific to the veterinarian that leads the clinic. For example, their South Tampa practice offers surgery, as well as x-rays, dental procedures, abdominal ultrasound, echocardiogram, preventive care and emergency services.  

Additionally, all GoodVets clinics offer a comprehensive wellness plan for both felines and canines. The plans provide all-inclusive care and deferred monthly payments. This allows pet owners the ability to pay what they can over time without having to deny their pet quality veterinary care. The plan also includes 10 percent off any diagnostic or procedure. 

At its newest location, the space is clean and modern, with tropical elements to match its Floridian backdrop. Dr. Caspary has also included personal touches to make the space more intimate, by adorning the walls with photos of her and her family’s pets. 

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The space ensures that pets and their parents feel at ease. The environment seeks to impart an elevated feeling upon its patrons in order to make their veterinary visits as comfortable as possible, leaving a lasting sense of both assurance and peace in GTB’s pet-parent community. 

“If you partner with someone that’s passionate about the community, it’s only going to succeed. So, for me, it was like, ‘How can I make GoodVets reputation in Tampa the best that I can?’ because I love Tampa so much and I want the community to love us just as much,” said Dr. Caspary. 

The opening of GoodVets’ Tampa office marks their 16th location and ninth market to date in the United States, with additional locations in Miami, Palm Beach County, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Chicago. 

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