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Introducing Angeline Academy of Innovation 

Introducing Angeline Academy of Innovation 

Developing cyber-security networks, programming robotic arms, designing buildings and investigating alternative fuel sources are just some of the hands-on activities that will fill the classrooms of the Angeline Academy of Innovation. The new Greater Tampa Bay science, technology, engineering and math-based school, opening in August, will be centered around problem-based learning. 

Pasco County’s new magnet school will introduce students to a unique educational environment that empowers them to take charge of their learning with active, technology-infused experiences. Ten lab spaces will be outfitted with CNC Mills, drill presses, 3D printers, VEX robotics fields, an air gap computer network and fully equipped biomedical, physics and chemistry lab spaces.  

The 187,000 square foot facility located in Land O’Lakes will serve grades six through 10 for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Angeline Academy of Innovation can accommodate up to 1,700 students and will ultimately serve grades six through 12.  

Interested students must apply through the Pasco Pathways School Choice Office. As a Pasco County public school, there are no tuition costs. 

Learned Focused  

JoAnn Glenn sought opportunities to nurture exploration and engagement with her students throughout her career as a math teacher and virtual school principal. As Angeline Academy of Innovation’s first principal, she looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for STEM and extending those same experiences to an entire school. The faculty and staff will seek to channel and further students’ individual interests and passions. 

“We look forward to cultivating a learner-focused experience where everyone’s voice and preferences are honored. Carefully curated sources for content ensure students are gaining knowledge but empowered to choose how they learn best.” Glenn said. “As a result, they will be thinking of real-world problems and applications a much higher percentage of the time.” 

As an educator and administrator Glenn noticed middle and high school students crave more autonomy. Angeline students will have the opportunity to decide how they tackle objectives, engage with new content, demonstrate knowledge and spend their time. The curriculum is designed to provide a framework that fosters individual decision-making. A flexible pace allows those that have already mastered a skill to move on to the next one.  

STEM-Based Career Academies 

Angeline Academy of Innovation will offer career academies that provide an integrated entrepreneurship pathway within high-demand fields: 

  • The Engineering and Applied Robotics – Students will be immersed in the study and practice of fundamental engineering concepts, the engineering design process and industrial robotic programming.  
  • The Cybersecurity and Information Technology – Students will be prepared for employment or advanced training for various careers in the Information Technology industry.  
  • The Biodesign – Students will be integrating science, mathematics, engineering and information technology to create solutions inspired by nature for challenges in healthcare, sustainability and security. 

Graduates will earn a standard high school diploma, but will also have opportunities to earn industry certifications. Advanced placement and dual enrollment courses will be offered. Students can complete coursework to earn an associate’s degree through Pasco-Hernando State College.  

The Angeline Academy of Innovation is currently hiring teachers certified in sixth through 12th grades with a passion for STEM.  Interested applicants should contact JoAnne Glenn at [email protected]

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Interested Students 

Families must apply through the Pasco Pathways School Choice Office. More information can be found at or by contacting [email protected].  


Campus Events: 

July 27, 2023 Middle School Student Sneak Peek 

July 28, 2023 High School Student Sneak Peek  

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