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Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

Looking for alternatives to protein shakes? For some reason my protein shakes keep coming out as margaritas. Consuming protein before and after a big workout is great for optimal performance and recovery. I used to love Larabars   before a long run or a big workout to give me that energy booster I need.  It is all natural, made up of just a few ingredients and they taste delicious. They are great for an on-the-go healthy snack and are available just about anywhere. Protein bars have taken over the granola bar market and is flooded with so many different types and flavors now that you can get a brain cramp trying to choose one. They didn’t used to taste so good and got a bad wrap for a long time.

People want healthier choices that are quick and easy, including me and my family. During my husband and I’s marathon training, I decided to start making my own protein bars and experimenting with flavors. It was such a huge hit that my boys started requesting them for breakfast in the morning. It was like eating dessert and went great with coffee. I made chocolate orange, chocolate covered strawberry and chocolate almond butter cup. They were much better homemade by far and so easy to make. I would make a big batch, throw them in the freezer and take one out the night before to defrost by the morning. Now just because they look like a candy bar and taste like a candy bar doesn’t mean they have to be bad for you. I guarantee if you try these Chocolate Orange Protein “Christybars”…wink… you will forget that you are eating something healthy.

Recipe provided by Chef Christy Robinson-Costello, Chef + Publisher of Eat.Local.Together

To view recipe go to Chocolate Orange Protein Bars – Eat.Local.Together (

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