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Three Keys to Success

Three Keys to Success

I have spent more than 20 years teaching companies worldwide a class called Strategies for Success. This is essentially a strategic planning class for life. It all boils down to three core elements of building a happy, balanced and successful life.


There are two levels of knowledge that are important to pursue. The first is self-knowledge. One way to understand yourself better is to ask yourself some challenging questions. “What are my core values?” “What is my purpose?” “What are the things that motivate me?”

On the topic of success, the most crucial question is, “What is my personal definition of success?” Here is the rub. It is impossible to feel successful if you do not know what success means to you.

At least in American culture, many define success as an abundance of money, fame and power. Although those things are lovely, I do not believe they lead to a sustainably happy life. What would have to happen in your life for you to feel truly successful?

The next level of knowledge is a dedication to lifelong learning. You would be hard-pressed to think of anyone who is considered successful and who is not constantly learning and improving.

Luckily, there is more information available for free than at any time in human history. Books, audiobooks, YouTube videos, online classes and seminars are just the beginning. There is a world of resources available to help grow knowledge.


You become what you focus on and like the people you surround yourself with. Whatever you fill your mind with and whoever you spend time with will directly determine your future.

Seek out people who lift you up and support you. These individuals should be curious and enthusiastic about learning. Build a network of bright and talented people who have integrity, honesty and generosity. Then, go to them often and ask for their help, advice and guidance. Also, focus intently on how you can help them.


At its heart, success in business and life is about love. Be kind and respectful. Treat others, your employees, customers, peers, family and friends lovingly. Be authentic and vulnerable. Go out of your way to help others.

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As the famous motivational speaker zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

By want, I do not just mean money, fame or power. People want connection, friendship, help, understanding — and most importantly, love.

The great thing about this list is that it all costs absolutely nothing. You can gain more knowledge, meet and help more people and live a life of love…today.

By John Spence.

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