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The 5 Love Languages to Use This Valentine’s Day and Every Day

The 5 Love Languages to Use This Valentine’s Day and Every Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the most romantic day of the year — a day of gifts, love and affection.

Ever wondered what the best gift to give on Valentine’s Day is? Well, according to the science of Dr. Chapman’s “Five Love languages,” each of us has an expression of love that resonates most.

Words of Affirmation 

The gift of words is a love language. Words of affirmation are words that build each other up. They can be spoken, written or even sung. This Valentine’s Day, find beautiful stationery at The Paper Seahorse to customize a card as pretty as the words it is filled with.

Acts of Service

Acts of service are a love language that can take many shapes. Doing something for another person that helps them out or relieves them of stress and responsibility is always appreciated.

Does their car need to be cleaned or detailed? Go ahead and clean it for them. The old saying, “actions speak louder than words,” is true for people who speak this love language.


Gifts are a universal expression of love and telling someone you are thinking of them. Remember, it does not have to be an expensive gift, but it needs to be a thoughtful one. It can be as simple as a favorite candy bar or treat something they would enjoy.

Greater Tampa Bay offers several local options for the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. 

Quality Time

The gift of time is priceless. Undivided attention, while having a conversation at dinner or taking a walk together, is meaningful to everyone, especially those who speak this love language.

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Consider creating something together at Your Heart is Mine Working on a project together is a great way to spend quality time. A Candle-lit orchestra is also a fun option in the GTB area this Valentine’s Day. This love language is all about time and attention.

Physical Touch

Last but certainly not least is physical touch. This love language runs the gamut.

For those who speak this love language, physical touch means more to them emotionally than physically. Give the gift of physical touch and hold them close through dance lessons at  Dance Den  or a special Valentine’s Ballroom Dance class at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Or, attend a Valentine’s Day Loving Care and Touch Workshop, which includes Thai massage, restorative yoga and meditation.

By Meredith Biesinger.

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