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Flower Power

Flower Power

Flowers can brighten any room or any day in a matter of seconds. Greater Tampa Bay is full of trees, flowers and nurseries to help add a splash of color that will enhance everyone’s mood and liven up any space.   

With so many flowers to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Here are some beginner tips to get the perfect florals at home.  

Bring the Outside, Inside  

Forage leaves with fruit or flowers blossoms in the yard, public parks or nearby outdoor spaces. Group them together with dried grass or pink flowers. This leads to a bright, playful and stunning floral piece. Plus, pink is a favorite, trendy color this and every year.   

Effortlessly design a tablescape using apples, oranges, lemons or apricots with branches and foliage from the backyard. The vivid colors and natural aesthetic will give it a fresh look. Surround the mix with taper candles to make the centerpiece stand out. 


Consider purchasing flowers that grow well in the local area. Tampa verbena, spiked blazing star, snapdragons or sweet alyssums are easy to find here in Greater Tampa Bay. Pot these and nurture them so that you have pops of color everywhere that are not only homegrown, but grown at home, in time for spring.  

Where the Green Fern Grows 

Ferns easily fill a space with vibrant greenery. They are also accessible on a budget. Ferns only need watering once a week, and love bright, indirect sunlight. They are very effective in removing certain toxins from the air. 

Another great tree is the Parlor Palm. Their bright green leaves have the classic Florida palm tree look. Perfect for indoors, the Parlor Palm thrives in low light, are excellent air purifiers, are non-toxic and pet friendly.  

Succulents Forever 

Succulents come in all shapes, sizes and textures. They are an easy way to add sophistication to any room. Additionally, they are low maintenance and can live a long time, if taken care of properly.  

The Yucca plant is a kind of succulent native to Florida. Their long green leaves, tall stems and white, bell-shaped flowers are stunning and sturdy. There is also Aloe vera, which can be used to treat sunburns or strengthen hair.  

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Fake or Faux 

A fan of plants but do not want to take care of one? Or, perhaps, have allergies to certain plants or flowers? Consider a quality fake plant that looks real but is zero maintenance. Home goods stores are full of faux plants, already in trendy pots and vases, that add extra character to your space.  

Express Yourself  

When it comes down to it, flowers are all about having fun and looking good doing it. Choose houseplants that are good air purifiers, are easy to maintain or are just pretty to look at. 

Green Thumb Tips 

Here are some extra tips to take care of your home’s living accessories.  

  • Always trim flowers at an angle. 
  • Remove any foliage that is below the water level. 
  • Use a clean vase and refresh the water daily. 
  • Give your arrangement some flower food. 
  • Always use fresh, local, and seasonal flowers. 
  • Incorporate unexpected elements. 

By Meredith Biesinger.

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