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Being Kind as a Leader

Being Kind as a Leader

When you use the word “leader,” people conjure up a vision of someone aloof, stern and focused on numbers. But that behavior does not work in the real world. What does work?  


Being kind as a leader is essential for building solid relationships with others and creating a positive work environment. Kindness in leadership can manifest itself in various ways, such as being empathetic, providing support, recognizing accomplishments and fostering collaboration. Here are four reasons why being kind is crucial for leaders. 

Kind leaders have a direct impact on their employees’ morale and motivation. They create a positive culture where people feel valued, supported and respected. Kind leaders make time to praise their people and celebrate wins, both big and small. When employees feel genuinely appreciated, they are more likely to be productive.  

Kind leaders foster cooperation and teamwork. They understand that everyone has unique skills and strengths and that working together leads to better outcomes. Kind leaders encourage open communication and make it safe for people to speak with candor. Through collaboration, they create a more harmonious work environment. 

Kind leaders develop strong relationships with their employees, which leads to increased team member engagement and loyalty. Employees who feel connected to their leaders are more committed to their organization and its goals. The most significant factor in retaining top talent is giving them a leader they trust, respect and admire. 

Kind leaders set a positive example for others to follow. Their kindness and positive attitudes toward others trickle down and influence people across the business to adopt the same behaviors. This creates a virtuous cycle of kindness that benefits the entire organization.  

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They also understand the importance of “symbol management,” doing little things that exemplify the values of the organization such as picking up a piece of trash in the parking lot, answering the phone in under three rings and responding quickly to emails. They show people how to treat each other and the customer through their actions. 

I am happy to see that words like kindness, love and vulnerability are being used to describe the characteristics of great leaders. These are what people look for in their leaders. Some so-called “leaders” think these attributes show weakness. It is just the opposite. It is a sign of courage. The courage to be authentic. 

By John Spence.

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