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Build a Bohemian Paradise in Greater Tampa Bay

Build a Bohemian Paradise in Greater Tampa Bay

Greater Tampa Bay has always had a taste for the boho-style. In 1990, a famous, local ceramicist named Roddy Brownlee Reed told the Tampa Bay Tmes, “it’s still quite bohemian.” Reed was referring to the creative and artist-friendly environment that can still be experienced in GTB today. 

From the bright resurgence of the 70s and 80s, to the fairy-like aesthetic of cottage core, trends will come and go. But the unconventional and wanderlustful style of boho-chic will always bring people in.  

Defining Boho-Chic Style 

Bohemian style is a combination of free-spirited expression and the aesthetic of organic elements. Utilizing modern boho themes can transform any space into a sanctuary for inspiring creativity and tranquility. 

Local interior designer Ann Cox, of Ann Cox Design, describes boho-chic style as a versatile and highly creative experience. Ann Cox Design has been styling dream homes and spaces since 2012, including her own boho-home.  

Thrifty Finds 

Cox recommends going to local vintage stores to find pieces that can be transformed and repurposed. Including lots of colors, textures and found objects is the best way to create a boho feeling. 

GTB has no shortage of vintage shops that guarantee a unique find. Wooden decorations along with colored glass bottles or vases make perfect additions to a boho space. Hanging crystals or light catchers will also refract light with bold pops of color. 

Repurposing vintage objects can create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. Cox recommends finding fun textured pieces like bamboo or concrete to contrast the softer elements of a room. 

“Not everything has to be shiny and new,” Cox said. “You can often find vintage bowls and baskets that you can transform into a light fixture.” 

Rattan bowls or decorative vases are easily transformed into a lamp shade or even wall art creating a comprehensive layout. Switching out an overhead light for string lights or a lamp can create a warm, dreamy feeling that unites a space. 

Picking a Plant 

Plants provide the bold, natural colors and earthy feel that are essential to bohemian style.  

Fancy Free Nursery offers a wide selection of plants and flowers in the heart of GTB.

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Co-Owner and founder, Megan Wages, works to find timeless plants that will fit into any style seamlessly.  

Wages encourages buyers to take a step back and reassess what they really want. She recommends finding one plant to act as a centerpiece of the room and building around it. Having one large plant versus many smaller ones also takes less time and energy to maintain. 

“You are not overwhelmed when you come home,” Wages said. “That’s the last thing I want is for plants to stress you out.”  

Any of the following plants are great for beginners to improve their green thumb and look good while doing it: 

  • Monstera- These iconic plants are the bread and butter of boho design and will stay alive all year. 
  • Aloe- This plant offers a unique look that can be harvested and used in cooking and skincare.  
  • Pothos- Known for their air-purifying properties, pothos will breathe life into a home and are a great option to hang from the ceiling using a macrame holder.  
  • Snake plants- Versatile and hearty, these plants will grow all year and require little to no maintenance. 

By Emily Zook.

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